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different types of crushers for your quarry

The different types of crushers suitable for various aggregate crushing needs for your quarry

Crushers and grinders are machines that allow you to give materials the size you want. Different crushing systems exist to adapt to each use, for example the primary crusher is used at the start of the crushing cycle to break up blocks of rock. Secondary crushers, tertiary crushers or quaternary crushers are used depending on the desired aggregate size.


There are several types of grinders with different operation.

·         Cone crushers compress materials until they burst


·         Jaw crushers and impact crushers press down on materials with an impact system 

The cone crusher is used for hard to medium-hard natural rocks but also for abrasive rocks. Its use is made for the secondary, tertiary and quaternary steps. The cone crusher is equipped with a fixed jaw and a movable jaw.


The movable jaw performs rotational movements inside the fixed jaw. It is with this rotational movement that the crushing of materials is exerted.

                                                                  The jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is typically used in the primary stage to reduce the size of materials into a small enough size so they can move on to the next crushing stage if necessary.


The jaw crusher works by a moving chewing system: the jaws collide and cause the rock to split up to the size corresponding to the desired setting.

                                                             The impact crusher

The impact crusher is used for primary and secondary treatment, it is effective for the recycling treatment of inert excavated materials such as concrete or tarmac, but also for non-abrasive rocks such as limestone.


It works by percussion: the crushed rock is driven in a rapid rotation by a rotor which throws the material against the fixed wall called “Liner” which causes the rock to split up. The crushing operation can be repeated several times, until the product is at the desired granulometry size and that the aggregate passes through the impact screen and the rotor.

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