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Crushing And Grinding Machinery

Machine expertise


Mechanical and electrical inspections of crushing and grinding machinery in the mineral and mining industry

Unplanned shutdowns on your mining crushing and grinding equipment are costly and can also pose risks to the safety of your fixed plant and of the mining experts working on it. It is therefore important to anticipate these potential stoppages/failures by performing mechanical and electrical inspections on your grinding and crushing machines. In doing so, downtime on mining equipment will be reduced and safety at work will be improved. 

Mechanical and electrical Inspections of your aggregates production equipment, for example your crushers and grinders make it possible to check their state of integrity and identify potential risks on your mobile crusher plant or your fixed plant equipment. 

Once the inspection of your mining crushing and grinding equipment is carried out by our qualified machine maintenance technicians, recommendations for maintenance, repair, replacement of mining wear parts or even improvements on your aggregates production equipment can be made. In light of these recommendations, it is possible to define the maintenance or the reconditioning of your grinders and crushers. 

All grinding and crushing machine inspections include

  • More than 100 checkpoints taking into account the mining grinding equipment and crushing manufacturer’s data. 
  • From this analysis emerges a report listing the recommendations and the degree of urgency of the intervention on your grinding and crushing machine according to the rate of wear, the risk of breakage, the weakness of your aggregates production equipment.
  • Machine maintenance planning 
  • Unloaded and loaded tests on your aggregates production equipment.

Stages of the technical inspection of your aggregate production equipment

scheduling of a machine expertise inspection

Scheduling of the mechanical and electrical inspections during a production shutdown (replacement of mining wearing parts, scheduled shutdown, etc.)

mechanical expertise on mining equipment

Mechanical expertise of the mining equipment including disassembly, visual and metrological control as well as mechanical and electrical inspections of the machine in operation

report of machine expertise on mining equipment

Preparation of a detailed report of the mechanical and electrical inspections with replacement recommendations necessary for the proper functioning of the mining equipment

quote for mechanical and electrical inspection

Delivery of a quote within 48 / 72h (parts and labor) ) according to the recommendations made in the mechanical and electrical inspections report

on-site intervention on aggregates production equipment

Intervention on the customer’s fixed or mobile plant site according to the degree of emergency

Anticipate mechanical and electrical inspections to improve equipment reliability and reduce costs due to potential failures

A controlled process of machine expertise:

Your machine expertise in 3 steps:

What are the benefits of mining machine expertise?

shutdown scheduling for machine expertise

Scheduling of a shutdown for the machine expertise

Programmation d’un arrêt pour l’expertise

Quels sont les bénéfices ?

Improving the safety of your fixed or mobile plant installation

detection of aggregates process anomalies

Diagnosis & detection of mechanical and aggregates production process anomalies

Diagnostic & détection d’anomalies mécaniques et de process de production

Quels sont les bénéfices ?

Improving the efficiency of your quarrying installation by avoiding unscheduled shutdowns

machine maintenance prevention plan

Development of a prevention plan for machine maintenance depending on the degree of emergency

Scheduled machine maintenance operations according to specifications established before


Élaboration d’un plan de prévention planifié à plusieurs niveaux en fonction du degré d’urgence

Opérations de maintenance programmées selon un cahier des charges établi en amont

Quels sont les bénéfices ?

Monitoring of the evolution of our aggregates production equipment park: operating hours, maintenance intervals ...

Some examples of machine maintenance

grinder head machine expertise
Expertise of a grinder head

Expertise of a Powerscreen® 1300 Maxtrack grinder head with waterproofing repairs with new bakelites

MPE 160 Dragon Machine expertise
Expertise of an MPE 160 Dragon

Expertise of a 160 Dragon MPE in Brittany:

  • Replacement of the bronze rings of the balance
  • Replacement of grains and safety shutter ends

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