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mechanical parts for your quarry's jaw crusher

Mechanical parts for your quarry’s jaw crushers

The mechanical parts of a jaw crusher are at the very heart of the proper functioning of your crushing equipment. If one of your parts missteps, this can cause the forced shutdown of your fixed plants and disruptions in your aggregate production.

The Haladjian Minerals Solutions teams provide a large stock of mechanical parts for your jaw crushers to reduce your costs following the shutdown of your production. 

How a jaw crusher works:

The jaw crusher is used to divide materials. It is the first to receive the rocks to carry out the so-called primary fragmentation. It works by compression; a mobile jaw approaches a fixed jaw while crushing the blocks. The jaws are not parallel they form a “V” angle, it is enough to make the adjustment to determine the size of the blocks received on one side and the one desired for the outgoing materials.


Here are the mechanical parts that Haladjian Minerals Solutions offers:

  • Connecting rod: offers a good solution to the vibration problem
  • Side liner: Side armor is cast in manganese steel which guaranteed a long life
  • Articulated flap: safety feature in case of accidental introduction of an uncrushable body
  • Return system: allows the bottom of the connecting rod to be supported
  • Adjustment system: adjustment by hydraulic cylinder, it allows a quick adjustment
  • Clamping screw: clamping screw for holding the jaws

Composition of the mechanical parts of a jaw crusher

Mechanical parts for your quarry's jaw crushers

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