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Need parts for crusher and grinder in your quarry? Contact Romain!

Machine inspections, machine maintenance, machine parts… Romain helps his customers to increase their production of aggregate

Romain, what is your educational and professional background?

Industrial buyer by trade, I evolved in large French groups such as Airbus® or Alstom® where I managed the signing of projects or series type framework contracts for hoses, standard parts or railway industrial equipment. 

Could you introduce Haladjian Minerals Solutions to us?

HMS is a start-up type structure backed by the Haladjian group, known in the construction and quarrying industry as a supplier and quarrying industry as a supplier of spare parts and services for multi-brand building site machinery.


Adaptability to customer needs, high performance of our services and responsiveness of our teams are every day’s keywords of our HSM teams. Offering a wide range of mechanical parts and wear parts going from the stainless steel HP200 cone grinder to the range of CH cone crushers, or older grinders such as the OMN937, the aim is to offer an alternative quality to manufacturer spare parts with a very advantageous price-quality ratio. All of this can be coupled with a range of services dedicated to crushers and grinders carried out by Technical Experts with recognized quarrying experience. HMS offers a range of turnkey services spare parts + machine maintenance for fixed aggregate production plants.


What differentiates HSM from its competitors? A customer support that is as close as possible to the identified needs of our partners.

For you, what role do HMS solutions play in mines and quarries?

They provide companies in the extractive, mining and quarrying industry with a wide range of wear parts and mechanical parts available in stock at all times. HSM is also a preventive or curative customer support in the form of expertise and technical inspections of grinders and crushers machines, and also emergency interventions on site carried out by our experts. Our teams operate with maximum responsiveness and a permanent exchange with customers, to offer the most appropriate and least expensive solutions. And this for all types of quarries, from massive rock to an alluvial deposit, from an independent regional quarry to large construction groups. 

What is your mission at HMS?

I am a sales representative at Haladjian Minerals Solution for the Northeast part of France, from the Ardennes to the Drôme. My job is to be as close as possible to my customers but also to identify, in close collaboration with our Technical Department, the needs of quarry workers and thus enable them to maximize their production of aggregates. I am in direct contact with different types of players, from the quarry of an independent quarry worker producing 70 000 tons/ year, to the XXL quarry of a large group producing more than 1 million tons/ year. My main goal is to adapt myself to the customers and to the different realities they encounter in order to offer them the best support. 

What is your favorite equipment or quarry type and why?

My favorite machine? The HP200 cone grinder without a doubt, a machine that has demonstrated its sturdiness on the one hand and its performance in any type of abrasive quarry on the other hand.

How can we contact you?

If you want to contact me, my address is: and my phone number is: +33 4 90 39 39 55. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you need any further information.

Do you have a motto at work?

When everyone collects wood for the fire, the flames rise higher (Chinese proverb)