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Installation of a new steel deck feeder in a massive rock quarry

Feedback: installation of a new steel deck feeder in a massive rock quarry

Haladjian Minerals Solutions has many years of experience in the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of crushing and grinding facilities for quarries and mines in France and abroad.

Today we are sharing with you a specific request made by one of our customers and presenting the solutions provided by the Haladjian teams.

Encountered problem

Our customer, a solid rock quarry, had a worn steel deck feeder with hopper that they wanted to replace with a new feeder. The design had to be identical to fit in place on the existing structure and had to include a standardised deck fit out with chains and shoes, an easier to maintain armouring and a gearmotor instead of a block pulley to increase safety and facilitate maintenance.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions' expertise

After various discussions with our customer, the Haladjian Minerals Solutions Technical Studies Office suggested a steel deck feeder with the following features:

• A 20 m3 steel hopper made of 16 mm steel and Hardox® wear plates on friction zones. A hopper structure designed with HEA and IPN beams. Hopper and structure total weight: 15 tonnes.
• A 1000 x 4500 mm steel deck feeder equipped with a Berco® chain and shoes in welded 400 Hb steel as well as a Nord gearmotor.
• Painted and CE marked set.
• Delivery and assembly carried out by the Haladjian teams.

On site steel deck feeder assembly by the Haladjian team

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